Love, the founding energy of Marianne Canarelli Jewellery; working in real creative fusion, Marianne and Julien collaborate as a single body. She is the eye and he is the hand. Audacious and ambitious, the duo has ventured into a quest to bring in a new vision into the noble craft of Fine Jewellery.

Shaped by the ocean’s power, the stones that lay by the seaside carry a story-telling ability; shaped by the waves, everlasting imprints are made. Lovers of the organic beauty of the curve, Marianne and Julien aim to translate it into their work. Their passion for Mediterranean landscapes, its raw cliffs, crystal clear water, and flora is at the core of their inspiration.

Stones are the key element of Marianne Canarelli’s craft: smooth and purified lines, with uneven shapes, it all comes down to the reinterpretation of the encounter between the water and the stone. Their desire to reveal the natural quality of the latter gave birth to the idea of reworking the size of the stone in cabochons. The stones dress the jewels, like drops of water on gold, and illuminate it with an array of colors.

Their technique brings clarity, transparency, and natural sweetness while highlighting the mineral richness of their creations.

Passionate for the savoir-faire, Marianne and Julien have given a contemporary take on a craft that is strongly defined by its legacy. From her training as a designer, Marianne has developed a taste for the elegance of volume and its allure; Julien, on the other hand, has evolved in his lapidary training, with the rigor and meticulousness, unique to Parisian jewelers.

Claiming this prestigious heritage, Marianne Canarelli’s pieces boldly assume their singularity, drawing their references from Art Deco aesthetic. It is this spontaneity, luscious shapes, chromatic richness and unusual use of fine stones that Marianne Canarelli puts back into the spotlight.

Jewellery with vibrant colors, rich volumes and a gourmand, sparkling and upbeat appearance, reflect a new look at the stonework, a new look at this prestigious craft.

The structure of a fine stone, on a gold base, reflects, in the manner of a talisman, the liberated part of oneself that one shares and that one transmits.

In love with creation, Marianne Canarelli’s jewellery offers a poetic and timeless experience, jewellery as a reflection of a personality, as the extension of a soul, as a page in the history of every woman and every family for generations.