Love, the founding energy of Marianne Canarelli jewelry; working in a real creative fusion, Marianne and Julien function as one body. She is the gaze when he is the hand. Bold and ambitious, they attempt the adventure together: to bring a new vision of fine jewelry.

Found at the water’s edge, the stones tell the story of the power of the marine element; shaped by the wave, they keep its imprints. Lovers of the natural nobility of the curve, Marianne and Julien take care to transcribe and sublimate it.

It is in contact with the landscapes of the Mediterranean, its raw cliffs, its crystalline water, that their love of the floral and marine world finds its origin, like a return to the sources. Marianne Canarelli jewelry gives pride of place to stone: fluid and refined lines, with uneven shapes, it is a question of reinterpreting with finesse the meeting of water and mineral.

From their desire to reveal the natural quality of the stone was born the idea of reworking the size of the stone into cabochons. The stones dress the jewelry, like water drops on gold, and light it up in multiple colors. This specific technique provides clarity, transparency and natural softness while allowing a better understanding of the richness of the mineral matter.

Lovers of know-how, Marianne and Julien make sure to combine a contemporary look with respect for the requirements of this exceptional heritage. From her training as a stylist, Marianne has retained a taste for elegance in volume and wear; Julien, for his part, has retained from his training as a lapidary, this rigor and meticulousness, specific to Parisian artisans.

Claiming this prestigious heritage, Marianne Canarelli creations boldly assume their uniqueness, drawing their references from the Art Deco aesthetic. It is this spontaneity, its luscious forms, its chromatic richness and its unusual use of fine stones that Marianne Canarelli tries to bring back to life.

Lover of creation, Marianne Canarelli jewelry offers a poetic and timeless experience, jewelry as the reflection of a personality, as an extension of the soul, as a page in the history of each woman, of each family.

Jewels with vibrant colors, rich and gourmet volumes, with a sparkling and optimistic allure, testifying to a new look on stone, a new look on jewelry. Structures of fine stones, on a gold plinth, they reflect, like talismans, this liberated part of oneself that we share and pass on.